5 Natural Ways to Remove Skin Tags Effectively

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ways to remove skin tags

There is nothing more frustrating than going through the process of having a skin tag removed just to have it grow back. If this is something that happens to you often, it can become quite costly to have to keep returning to have them removed.

This is why many turn to using natural ways to remove skin tags that often occur or return.

It’s very rare that a skin tag will crop up in the exact spot it was removed from. However, a new one could form very close to where the original one was. You can have new tags constantly forming in areas where the skin is rubbing together and creating a source of irritation.

So its not really the same tag growing back, just a new one that has taken its place.


If you are prone to skin tags you may want to find more natural ways of removing these skin tags. Skin tags are more commonly occurring in areas, such as the chin, back, neck, armpit, upper chest or under breasts, around the groin, on the eyelids or around the eyes, all areas where folds of skin can rub together.

Most people won’t even realize they have a skin tag until it suddenly becomes irritated from friction causes by clothing or jewelry rubbing and snagging it.

Irritated skin tags can be removed at home using natural remedies, but a bit more care is needed to prevent infection. Plus, inflamed skin tags can be quite sensitive, making it harder to apply a remedy without pain. In some cases you can use ice to numb the area before trying home remedy.


Tea Tree Oil for skin tagsWhile cutting the skin tag off is an option that many will go for, due to how quick and easy this method is, many feel a bit squeamish about taking a scissor to their skin like that. Or you may have a tag that isn’t in an easily seen area. Opting for natural remedies like Tea Tree oil can be the only way to go if choosing to have it professionally removed is not an option you are up for.

Home Treatments

Using treatments like Tea Tree oil and Apple Cider Vinegar seem to be some of the popular natural ways to remove skin tags. There is also a device that you can purchase, which applies a band around the base of the skin tag, which cuts the supply of blood that the tag needs to live.

Many natural remedies take a bit of time and diligence, but they all result in the tag dying off, turning black and falling off on their own.

Vitamin E

One remedy that works like tying is Vitamin E oil and a band-aid or small piece of duct tape. You can use the oil in Vitamin E capsules, apply this to the skin tag and then place a band-aid over it. The band-aid works by cutting off the blood flow to the skin tag. The Vitamin E begins the healing process while the tag is being killed off.

It’s recommended that you leave the band-aid in place for a few days before seeing if the tag has fallen off. If not, just repeat the process for a few more days.

Duct Tape

This is one we see come up a lot and many ask how on earth tape can remove a skin tag. This all purpose tape was used as far back as WWII to help keep wounds closed up. Duct tape is made up of three layers, with an adhesive layer that sticks to the skin tag. It works by effectively cutting off the both blood and oxygen to the tag, killing it off.

You need to cover the skin tag and leave it alone for about 10 to 12 days. Also, if you have sensitive skin or are allergic to the adhesive, this method may not be the one for you.

Apple Juice

Apples, they keep the doctor away and apparently skin tags too. Anther natural way to remove skin tags, apples contain pectin, which has been used to assist in the healing process of a number of skin conditions. All you need to do is apply some organic apple juice to the tag three times per day and you will soon start to see results.

Can you Avoid or Prevent Skin Tags?

Since skin tags tend to develop in the folds of the skin, being overweight means you may be more prone to them. One option is to lose weight in order to lessen the folds of skin. But some have skin tags due to hormonal changes, diabetes or heredity.

People who are active and play sports can get them in the groin area and under the arms due to these areas being in constant motion, rubbing together and being hot and moist.

You can avoid getting skin tags around the neck by not wearing jewelry that continuously rubs against the skin and irritate it. Wearing looser clothing is another way to lessen the amount of skin tags that any form.

Applying a powder to the areas where skin tags tend to appear can help lessen the amount of friction that can cause them to develop.

There is a debate regarding whether or not skin tags can be avoided. But taking some steps, such as eating a healthier and well balanced diet, drinking plenty of water, and trying to control weight can all assist in lowering the amount of skin tags that can form.

Keeping up a healthy washing regime for the face and body also cuts down on the kinds of bacteria that forms skin tags. If you get skin tags a lot, or they seem to keep returning, you may want to speak with your doctor and discuss natural ways to prevent and remove skin tags.