Can You Use A Wart Remover For Skin Tags?

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Its a common question that people with skin tags ask. Will a wart remover remedy work on removing skin tags? While skin tags are harmless, they still cause many people embarrassment and stress, kind of like you would feel getting a pimple right before a big date.

Back to the question of using a wart remover for skin tags though. It all depends on the type of wart remover you choose, because not all of them will do the job.

Which Wart Removers Don’t Work?

Wart removers that treat common and plantar warts tend to not work well for removing skin tags. So your first step is to check the label and see if it specifically states Not for use on moles or skin tags. Products like Bazuka, Wartner, Compound W, are on the list of wart removers that aren’t the best option for removing skin tags.

Some will try to use one of these products regardless. We’ve combed through reviews and forums and found that some had mixed results using these types of wart remover for skin tags.

While some found that they did work, many shared that it took a lot longer to get rid of the skin tag and a burning sensation was felt when using the products. Others experienced more severe issues, such as swelling, pain, and irritation with the skin tag remaining.

It was also found that most of these freezing products were not strong enough to fully get rid of the skin tag.

Which Wart Removers Work?

get rid of skin tags with skin tag remover kitThe trick is in the ingredients and what you need is a wart remover for skin tags that contains salicylic acid topical, an ingredient that is derived from willow trees. Salicylic acid works by destroying skin that is healthy. Both warts and skin tags, as unsightly as they are, are still classified as healthy skin.

The acid loosens and softens skin tags, which makes them much easier to remove, in some cases falling off on their own.

You can find this type of wart remover in lotions, gels and pads. Some salicylic remedies come in a gel peel that may need to be prescribed. Products that contain this ingredient include: Skin Tag & Wart Remover Kit, Duofilm or Dr. Scholl’s Dual Action.

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How to Apply a Wart Remover for Skin Tags

Before you take the route of using a wart remover on a skin tag, be sure that you have consulted with your doctor or a dermatologist to be certain that what you have is, in fact a skin tag and not something else.

You have your wart remover picked out and you’re ready to get rid of those skin tags! But there are some preparatory things you need to do in order to safely apply the treatment and get the best results.

Wash the skin area of the skin tag you are removing and dry it well. This gets the skin tag itself softened and ready for application.

Carefully apply the treatment to the affected area and avoid the surrounding skin, especially around sensitive areas, such as the genitals, and face.

Do not apply the treatment to skin that has been sunburned, has cuts or abrasions or is showing any sing of infection.

Keep in mind that this remedy will need to be done several times before you get the results you want. Most will require that you apply the treatment 1-2 times a day. If you are using a treatment that comes in a bandage or pad form that gets placed over the skin tag, make sure that you change this as required.

Natural Wart Remover Remedies

Tea Tree Oil for skin tagsThere are also some natural remedies used to remove warts that will also work on skin tag removal too. You can try Tea Tree Oil or dandelion stem juice but tea tree oil is one of the more popular choices of a natural wart remover for skin tags.

In summary, some wart removers will work to remove skin tags. Keep in mind that every situation is different and some may find a treatment needs to work longer if the skin tag being treated is a large one.

You can get wart removers over the counter and should check the ingredients and warnings first.

Since these remedies tend to take anywhere from a few days to a couple of weeks, you will need some patience. However, if you find the remedy you are using is irritating your skin or making the skin tag worse, stop using it and see your doctor.