How Much Does Skin Tag Removal Cost?

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Skin Tag Removal Cost
Let’s face it, skin tags are not something we want to have to deal with and can be quite disconcerting if you have never had one before. They especially cause anxiety when located in areas that are seen every day, such as on the face or neck.

Due to skin tags causing embarrassment, many people will want to have them removed for purely cosmetic reasons.

Because they are not considered to be a health issue, many medical insurance companies will not cover the cost of having them professionally removed. There are a number of ways to have skin tags removed that run from expensive to quite cheap.

Skin Tag Removal Costs From A Clinic

Skin tags form in areas where skin constantly rubs together or is rubbed by tight clothing. This tends to happen more often in those who are overweight because they have extra skin and more folds. Sometimes skin tags will become irritated or infected due to constant friction.

tea tree oil for skin tags

Depending on the size of your skin tag or whether you have a cluster of them will determine what options you have available to you. Larger skin tags tend to bleed a lot and may need to be removed by a professional. Clusters can also be difficult to remove yourself. But you have two main options; having it done professionally or opting for a home remedy.

There is also the possibility of complications arising that can make the cost of skin tag removal more than you had planned.

Seeing a Doctor or Dermatologist

Going to your doctor or a dermatologist to have skin tags removed can be on the expensive side, more so if you have a lot of tags. Fees usually include:

Initial Visit: this can cost anywhere between $150 to $300, depending on whether you have health insurance coverage. If the skin tags are infected it could cost a bit more.

Referral: If you are seeing your doctor, they may refer you to a dermatologist. This could cost around $150 for the initial consultation there.

After this

point the cost of skin tag removal varies greatly, depending on the type of skin tag removal process that is recommended. There are a few options they will offer you.

Having Skin Tags Cut Off

This is an option that you can either do for yourself or have done by a professional. It involves cutting off the skin tag with a disinfected nail clipper or scissors. The upside is that it won’t cost you anything to do this. The downside is that complications, such as bleeding, scarring and infection can occur.

Some will opt for doing this on their own because it is relatively quick to do. However, should you need to go to your doctor due to it becoming infected, it won’t be free.

Using Tea Tree Oil on Skin Tags

Tea Tree Oil for skin tags

Apothecary Tea Tree Oil is an over the counter product that many use to remove skin tags at home. It is a natural oil that has antimicrobial, antibacterial, anti-fungal and anti-inflammatory properties.

You can safely and painlessly remove skin tags by applying the oil, and it goes to work at the tags base, ensuring the skin tag will not grow back.

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Litigation to Remove Skin Tags

This is another term used for tying a skin tag off at its root. Using dental floss, you tie it around the tag very tightly. What this is meant to do is to cut off the circulation and blow flow to the skin tag, causing it to die and fall off on its own.

Micro TagBand Skin Tag RemoverThis method can take a few days and requires you to keep checking that the tag is always tied tightly. Should it not be tied tightly through the process, blood will be able to flow back into the tag, keeping it alive.

Costing only a few dollars for a pack of dental floss, litigation can be an uncomfortable process, depending on where the skin tag is located. You can buy kits online though that offer a safer and less painful way to perform litigation on the skin tag, such as TagBand .

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Freezing a Skin Tag

skin tag remover kitA quick way of getting rid of skin tags is through a freezing, or endocrine method that uses liquid nitrogen. This can be done by a doctor or dermatologist, takes no more than a couple of minutes, but will cost somewhere in the range of $100 to $200.

There is a product that you can buy over the counter that is doctor recommended, called Dr. Scholl’s Freeze Away. It works in the same way as liquid nitrogen does.


Using a Chemical peel to Remove Skin Tags

A chemical peel is basically a strong acid that is used to burn the skin tag away. It can be done by a doctor, dermatologist or in the comfort of your own home. However, you need to be very cautious because this type of acid can cause burns to the skin surrounding the skin tag.

Trichloroacetic Acid SolutionIt is recommended that you use petroleum jelly to cover the skin surrounding the skin tag to protect it.

It will cost about $30 for a bottle of Trichloric Acid solution 80%, which is much less than having a TCA peel at a dermatologist, which can run between $250 to $400.

In summary, the cost of skin tag removal will depend on the method you choose and your particular situation (small, large of clusters of tags). Most over the counter products that work effectively will run between $20 to $30, unless you develop a complication that requires a visit to a doctor.

A lot of people are drawn to trying the cutting method to save time and money, but this is not really a recommended method. There is a risk that you won’t be able to staunch the bleeding, or of getting an infection, both of which will need medical attention.

If you truly want to try an at home remedy, the top recommended methods are using Tag Band or Tea Tree Oil for a more natural method of getting rid of skin tags.