How to Freeze Skin Tags Off

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freeze skin tags

Is the best way to remove skin imperfections to freeze skin tags off? If you don’t have skin tags or don’t know what they are, you might have never thought about it. However, many people who do have them may want them removed for a variety of reasons.

Skin tags are small pieces or flaps of skin on a stem that sticks out. They can get caught on things like clothing and jewelry. They can also form in sensitive areas such as the eyelids or even on the genitals. They can be painful as a result, so removing them is often the best choice.

Best Methods to Freeze Skin Tags

There are a number of ways to remove skin tags through the freezing process. Some can be done from home, while others will probably need a trip to the doctor. You should choose the one you’re most comfortable with.


This method involves freezing off skin tags using liquid nitrogen and is probably the best known method. Your doctor will use liquid nitrogen from a special canister with a spray nozzle. The liquid nitrogen freezes and kills living tissue instantly. Because of this, care must be taken during the application. Your doctor may apply a local anesthetic prior to the freezing to ensure the most painless procedure.

Dry Ice

Using dry ice to freeze off skin tags is another form of cryotherapy. Your doctor can perform it in his office. It is a simple procedure. The doctor will hold dry ice against the skin tag. This kills the skin cells and prevents any further growth. Sometimes a second application is needed to make the skin tag fall completely off.

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Wart Remover

It may sound odd, but you can use wart remover to freeze skin tags. You might want to check with your doctor first to make sure that what you have is, indeed, a skin tag. You can choose from several brands at your local drugstore like Wart Remover Kit, but make sure your choice has salicylic acid for topical use.

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Apply the solution all around and on the skin tag. Take care during the application if the skin tag is anywhere near your eyes, mouth, nose or other sensitive areas and keep away from cuts. It will take several applications, which will vary, depending on size and other factors.


How to Freeze Skin Tags At Home

You can use liquid nitrogen to perform your own Cryotherapy from home. It’s not generally recommended, so you need to approach this method with caution. You should also discuss the idea with your doctor before trying it.

You will need tweezers as well as the liquid nitrogen, and be sure to wear protective gloves. Working with liquid nitrogen can be dangerous because of how quickly it kills cells. Read all instructions on how to handle it before beginning.

You will first dip the tweezers into the liquid nitrogen and hold for a few seconds. Remove them and grasp the skin tag at the bottom and hold. Keep pressure on it for ten to fifteen seconds then pull away. The tag should come off easily. Make sure you pull from the bottom of the tag to ensure it won’t grow back.


Cryosurgery is a safe procedure if you want to freeze skin tags. While it rarely has complications, some do occur. There is usually redness at the site. There can also be irritation or inflammation of the skin. Sometimes a blister may form. In rare cases infection may develop. In all cases, you can be sure your doctor will know what to do and will give you the necessary items to treat them.


It is normal to develop skin tags during pregnancy. If you think you’re developing them, ask your gynecologist to make sure. It is not recommended that you try to remove them yourself but to entrust it to your doctor. If your skin tags develop in your vaginal area, you will most likely need a local anesthetic as removal is almost always very painful.

You can choose not to remove the skin tags because chances are they will disappear after you’ve given birth. They aren’t dangerous. Perhaps you should consider removal only if they are causing pain.

How To Care For Your Skin after Skin Tag Removal

While a relatively risk free office procedure, you can’t just go home empty handed after having cryosurgery. Your doctor is prepared to help you in any situation afterwards.

Bleeding isn’t common in cryosurgery, but if the spot does bleed, then you will be given medication for it. Your doctor may also choose to cover the area with a bandage before sending you home.

You should also receive a list of lotions or creams to care for the area at home. Your doctor’s staff will also be able to answer questions you might have.

Skin Tag Removal Cost

Cryosurgery is not necessarily cheap. You should look into costs at different providers. You will also need to contact your insurance provider to see if freezing skin tags is covered. It is sometimes coded as elective or cosmetic surgery because usually it will be deemed medically unnecessary.

If it’s covered, you will need to find out what kind of Co-pay you have. If it’s not, you might want to ask if your doctor offers payment plans. Having this entire information ready before the surgery will help you avoid a financial nightmare later.

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