Remove Skin Tags From Eyelids

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How to Remove Skin Tags From Eyelids

You may be wondering exactly what is eyelid skin tag removal and, to cut it short, it is the process of removing skin tags that have unfortunately found a home on a person’s eyelid. As well as looking incredibly intimidating and painful, skin tags that grow on and around the eye can sometimes impair sight, which is a massive problem.

Why do skin tags appear on eyelids?

Skin tags usually appear under the arms and legs, however, in rare cases, they can actually grow on and around the eyes. When this happens it is advisable that you take action immediately because they could end up blocking your vision, which no one wants do they?

Skin tags are small, wart-like, growths that typically appear on damp areas of the skin, which explains why they can sometimes appear around the eyes, as your eye fold can become damp if you don’t wash it enough.

A good way to prevent future cases of eyelid skin tags, as well as keep your skin soft and smooth in general, is to scrub your face at least once a day, which should help to keep your pores open and your skin dry.

It can sometimes be hard to determine whether or not you have a skin tag. If this is the case, let us know using the contact form, and we will try to help!


How to Safely Remove Skin Tags From the Eyelid

Naturally, the internet is filled with millions of people claiming to have “the magic formula” to cure just about any disease or illness you can think of, and, at times, it can be incredibly hard to distinguish the good products from the bad.

The eyelid skin tag removal market is no different and if you are not careful, you can end up doing more harm than good. After years of testing medicine, specifically skin-related medicine, we have identified three products that we can confidently say produce fantastic results!

H-Skin Tags Formula

We understand that some of the more “hands on” approaches to skin tag removal (Like the skin tag remover device) aren’t for everyone, which is why we included the H-Skin Tags Formula oil on our list. The Formula functions just like Tea Tree Oil, however, it is specially designed for this job only, making it much more efficient.

skin-tags-formulaIt contains Calendula officinalis 12C, and Thuja occidentalis 12C, which are powerful homeopathic ingredients that work wonders on skin tags, causing them to fade away in a matter of days. The relatively slow process causes the skin tag’s top to flake of gradually so that you end up with lovely smooth skin at the end of it.

After nearly sixteen years in the field, it’s safe to say that the manufacturers deserve their FDA approval, and their unique treatment has helped almost a million people to overcome skin tags, which are a horrible, unavoidable, illness. Their 90-day money back guarantee makes this an incredibly safe purchase, as you can rest assured that even if this doesn’t work for you (Don’t worry, it will!) you can still get your money back from the honest manufacturer.

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Use of a Skin Tag Remover Device

Possibly the most effective method for eyelid skin tag removal is to make use of a removal kit, just like the Micro TagBand tag removal kit. These remover devices effectively remove skin tags by starving them of blood, which eventually causes them to fall off. Skin tag remover devices are incredibly reliable and they pretty much have a 100% success rate, which is fantastic when you consider that results are visible one or two days after use!

Micro TagBand Skin Tag RemoverNow, there are hundreds of skin tag remover devices available online but, after trying out hundreds, we can safely recommend the Micro TagBand kit, as we found that it gave us easily the best result of them all, in such a small time-frame as well!

Alongside the removal device itself, customers also get two packets of “Skin tag removal bands”, meaning you can remove up to 20 tags before needing to buy replacements. The device is more than capable of handling fairly large skin tags, so there is nothing to worry about on that front either.

To conclude, if you want an eyelid skin tag removal device that shows results after a matter of days and can remove twenty eyelid skin tags, then this is the solution for you. It is fairly priced and an overall great package, and definitely worth it if you are struggling with some large eyelid skin tags.

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Skin Tag Removal Cream

Although using a skin tag removal device is a fantastic way to get rid of pesky eyelid skin tags, it may not be to everyone’s liking. If that is the case then fear not, as we still have another two fantastic products to share with you.

The first is skin tag removal cream which, as the name might suggest, is a cream designed to kill off skin tags and leave the surrounding skin in much better shape than it was before!

Skin tag removal creams works by reducing the amount of blood that the skin tag can get to, which causes it to break away from your eyelid. Like we mentioned above, the cream also helps to protect your skin and eyelids, as it features antioxidants that open your pores and help your skin breath.

Overall using a skin tag cream, such as HaloDerm All Natural Skin Tag Removal Cream is a fantastic way to get rid of your pesky eyelid skin tags and, at the same time, help out your skin, then this is certainly the solution for you!

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Tea Tree Oil

Last but not least we have Tea Tree Oil, which is a natural method for eyelid skin tag removal, which uses the oil’s antibacterial elements to wipe out all traces of skin tags! Tea Tree Oil has been used in medicine for centuries and, it is safe to say, that it is still a fantastic way to remove skin tags in today’s day-and-age!

Tea Tree Oil for skin tagsThe oil works in a similar way to the skin tag cream, as it too cuts off the tag’s blood supply, causing it to fall off. As well as containing anti-oxidants that help to revitalize the skin around the tag, the tea tree oil also contains anti-inflammatory elements, which help it to massively reduce any pain or swelling that you may have around the affected area.

After years of using Tea Tree Oil personally, I would recommend anyone who is suffering from skin tags give this a go, as the results really are amazing. Even if you don’t have eyelid skin tags this is still a great way to keep your skin in a nice and healthy state.

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These are the best products available for eyelid skin tag removal, so if you have tried them yet your tags are still there, it is likely that they are something else. Leave a comment down below with some more information and we will let you know what we find.